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Gallaher is growing and has career opportunities in several areas…  Apply Online!


Sales Executive – Direct Negotiated

Chattanooga Direct Sales Representative Applicants - Apply Here


Systems Designer / Project Manager Openings:

Knoxville Designer/PM Applicants – Apply Here

Rossville Designer/PM Applicants – Apply Here


 Installation Technician Openings:

Nashville Installation Technician Applicants - Apply Here

Chattanooga Installation Technician Applicants- Apply Here

Knoxville Installation Technician Applicants – Apply Here


Service Technician Openings:

Nashville Service Technician Applicants - Apply Here

Chattanooga Service Technician Applicants – Apply Here

Knoxville Service Technician Applicants - Apply Here


Fire Alarm Inspection & Testing Technician Openings:

I&T Technician Applicants - Apply Here


OR CONTACT (for all positions):

Jim Humphrey, Director of Human Resources

Phone:  865.970.2471 x140

Email:  jimh@gallaher-assoc.com