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Camera Surveillance

avigilon 2Secure.

With strategic partner, Avigilon, we design and install IP-based megapixel camera surveillance systems with network video recording.  Known for its video compression technology, Avigilon was the industry’s first in developing high resolution camera technology that won’t slow down the network allowing full motion camera monitoring from anywhere in the world through the internet.  Avigilon’s open framework allows for seamless integration into intrusion detection and access control for companies that demand the very best in protection and safety.

Gallaher proudly recommends  VideoIQ, when you need video technology with a B.R.A.I.N. that “Sees” and makes intelligent responses based on learning by example.  As humans, we do this through a process of trial and error, learning as we go. In general, seeing involves:

  • Sense one’s environment visually
  • Understand the structure and elements that compose the environment
  • Identify the elements that are of interest
  • Understand and interpret these interesting elements
  • Act on this understanding and interpretation
  • Learn from the consequences of the action

With VideoIQ’s prevention solution, you can monitor anywhere in realtime on any wired or mobile device.

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