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Integrated Solutions

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It’s what we do best at Gallaher.   Not only do we save our clients money and trouble by providing the market’s broadest range of solutions, but we specialize in delivering a true integrated solution, where multiple products designed to stand alone are integrated seamlessly, giving our customer an overall higher value and experience.

Life safety, security and environmental controls produce alarms, but most of these systems operate independently. Also, alarms aren’t specific, which means the appropriate response may be confused, delayed or inadequate. Situational awareness technology integrates disparate warning systems on a single platform and then automatically sends detailed alerts to the right people via the right devices to facilitate the right response. From a mundane blown fuse to a life-or-death scenario, SARA by Status Solutions sets a response plan in motion without human emotion or error.   Via a wired or state-of-the-art wireless platform through IP, Serial, IR, and Contact Closures, Gallaher skillfully brings opportunities for immediate detection of virtually any need.  This single yet power solution provides:

  • A dedicated, wireless sensor network built on Inovonics’ state-of-the-art EchoStream radio frequency platform for optimal performance of life safety applications
  • Tools to integrate existing alarm and communication systems so current technology investments can start to work together, not in silos
  • Mass notification capabilities for broadcasting emergency information, as well as general announcements and courtesy reminders for better organizational communication
  • Enhanced location data for mobile duress and asset tracking through SARA’s Positioning System
  • Pop-up alerts to desktop and mobile screens, including color-coded text, audio, video footage or maps, via SARA’s eMessenger.
  • Surveillance camera integration for viewing live video streams in addition to video recording and storage
  • The Voice of SARA text-to-speech capability for delivering alerts via any phone
  • Quick Messages for creating emergency alerts or special announcements on demand when unanticipated events or schedule changes occur
  • Reporting capabilities that let you analyze performance and demonstrate compliance
  • Remote supervision, backup and software upgrades through a persistent IP connection to our Network Operations Center

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