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Intercom & Paging

carehawk safety communications diagramCommunicate.

For decades, Gallaher has been the premier intercom and paging solutions provider for the education market space and beyond. Gallaher’s partnership with  CareHawk Safety Communications allows educators to communicate emergency and non-emergency situations fast and clear, anywhere on the campus.   CareHawk’s systems allow for automated local security alerts, district wide alerts, security detection, video and audio surveillance, and integration with other low voltage systems such as fire, security, and access control.

Gallaher’s first school intercommunications product, Dukane, is still a player in the industry.  The StarCall has proven to be worthy of hundreds of installations in Gallaher’s market and remains the choice of many school districts including East Tennessee’s Knox County Schools, who chose to standardize on Gallaher as their intercom solutions provider.

For smaller applications, Aiphone provides robust solutions that allow for two-way voice communication and color video prior to allowing access to a given area or space.

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